1. Here is the flyer for our next screening– taking place at the Rockaway Relief For The Philippines event December 2!

  2. We will be screening the John Cori Warned You documentary a second time in Rockaway on December 1, 2013 at a fundraiser for the typhoon victims in the Philippines.

    The event will take place at…

    Thai Rock

    375 Beach 92nd Street
    Rockaway Beach, NY 11693

    Starting time is 4pm

    Along with the movie screening there will be special musical guests.


  3. Thank you to Anna Gustafson for the amazing interview and feature in the latest edition of the Queens Forum.

    Our debt screening of John Cori Warned You is tomorrow, November 9, 2013 at the Knights Of Columbus hall– 333 Beach 90th St, Rockaway Beach, NY 11693

    The screening is part of a fundraiser for the Knights of Columbus. The event begins at 7pm.

    Suggested donation is $10

    Hope to see you there.

  4. Come join us in Rockaway Beach this coming Saturday, November 9 at 7pm for our Knights Of Columbus fundraiser. Entertainment line-up includes music by Gerald Bair and a screening of our John Cori Warned You documentary!

  5. Thank you to Janice Huff of NBC News for all of her help with promoting this documentary and the causes the movie promotes.

    We first reached out to Janice to see if she would be available to interview with us on-camera for the documentary. We were unable to make that happen, but Janice asked us to keep her in the lop with how things were going.

    She answered every email we sent, and when it was time to promote the movie she reached out and set up an interview with John Cori Warned You director/producer Dan Brown.

    It’s this kind of support and cooperation from the media that is sure to help the issues and causes the Rockaway/Broad Channel region continue to face.

    See director Dan Brown’s interview with Janice Huff by clicking here!

  6. Today we unveiled the official poster of the JOHN CORI WARNED YOU documentary!

  7. It’s time! Finally the documentary is ready for viewing!

    On November 9 2013 the JOHN CORI WARNED YOU documentary will debut in Rockaway Beach!


    Knights Of Columbus

    333 Beach 90th St  Rockaway Beach, NY 11693

    Time 7pm


    On Saturday, March 23, 2013 John Cori, Eddy Pastore and the Friends Of Rockaway Beach movement took to the steps of City Hall in NYC.

    On the agenda was a call for immediate sand replenishment and beach barriers to protect the homes, businesses and property of Rockaway from ocean surges and extreme high tides.

    Along with John and Eddy, resident speakers from the Rockaway and Broad Channel Communities included Peter Coreless, Margaret Howard Wagner, and Dennis O’Connor.

    Local politicians who came out to support our cause included City Comptroller John Liu, Sen. Joe Addabbo Jr., Councilman Eric Ulrich, NYC Mayoral Candidate Sal Albanese, and Queens Borough President Melinda Katz.

    All in all a great day for the people, who came together for a great cause!


    We were invited to Albany to interview Senator James Sanders for our movie.

    James Sanders is a Rockaway native and military veteran. Before beginning his term as senator last January, he served as councilman in Queens District 31, which includes the Rockaways.

    In what we believe was one of the more revealing interviews we did with an elected official, Senator Sanders talked candidly about his viewed failings on the part of OEM, FEMA, The Red Cross and the federal government in the time immediately following Hurricane Sandy.

    A belief in the power of the Rockaway people, and his call for unity that transcends race and economic status are also highlights of this on-camera interview.

    His “nobody can fire me but my neighbors” attitude was refreshing, and we are grateful that James Sanders was able to take the time to contribute to this project.


    We had reached out to Fox News reporter Stacey Delikat about appearing in our documentary. Though she explained that we could not make that happen, Stacey was kind enough to offer us a feature on the Fox 10PM news program in the New York viewing region.

    Stacey came out to Rockaway last Tuesday (March 5) and shot interviews with John Cori, Eddy Pastore and the project director, Dan Brown.

    Fox 5 and its viewers got a crash course in the dangers that still exist on the Rockaway coast line due to a lack of protection against high tides and ocean surges. The feature also promoted the upcoming documentary, which is currently in post production.

    We offer our appreciation to Stacey Delikat and the people at Fox 5 NY for promoting our project and our cause.

    Click here to view the Fox 5 feature.